13 July 2024 14:07
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Intersectionality Study on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – “The Blocked, The Obstructed”

This study report is divided into five chapters. The first part contains an introduction that provides context regarding the urgency of discussing the intersectionality of the issue of migrant workers and the rights of people with disabilities. The second section provides a further description of the intersectionality approach in Human Rights. Next, the third section discusses the normative framework that dissects policy milestones accompanied by critical notes. The fourth part is sharpened by analysis of statistical and casuistic data accompanied by Migrant CARE, there are also sub-chapters that dissect the themes that have been highlighted. The last part of this study contains conclusions and recommendations. In short, the period of writing this policy paper, such as a period of reflection, evaluation, and even self-criticism on the hidden perspective of protecting disability rights in advocating for the protection of migrant workers and labor migration governance.

The writing of this policy review would not have been possible without the support of friends from OHANA Indonesia and the Disability Rights Fund. The writing process began with a multi-stakeholder workshop that was attended by various groups of civil society, academics, ministries and institutions as well as organizations of persons with disabilities. Sharpening was also carried out through Focus Group Discussions with the Legal Aid Division of CARE Migrants and Migrant CARE Malaysia, Indramayu, Banyuwangi, and Jember. This study is available in Indonesian and English.

Bahasa Indonesia

Policy Paper_Kajian Perlindungan Pekerja Migran dan Disabilitas – Bahasa Indonesia Policy


Paper_Kajian Perlindungan Pekerja Migran dan Disabilitas – English