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Migrant CARE provides counseling services to support case handling and legal assistance for Indonesian migrant workers.


Migrant CARE strengthens networks at various levels: local, national, regional, and global to advocate the policies and ensure the implementation. Migrant CARE also utilizes information technology for service effectiveness and campaigns to raise public support to achieve safe migration.


Migrant CARE conducts research and knowledge management as an efforts to document learning and build evidence-based advocacy.


Migrant CARE organizes and strengthens the critical awareness of Indonesian Migrant Workers and their family members about their rights as workers and as citizens.


The initiative of Desa Peduli Buruh Migran or Desbumi has been started since 2013. Migrant CARE, with the support of the MAMPU Program with Partners in five provinces in Indonesia, started by collecting data on the conditions of Indonesian Migrant Workers in the enclave villages of migrant workers.


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