15 June 2024 04:51
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Migrant CARE (Indonesian Association for Migrant Workers Sovereignty) is non-governmental organization (NGO) in Indonesia which have focused on the migrant worker’s rights advocacy. With a vision to strengthen the migrant workers movement as part of social movement, Migrant CARE tries to encourage the realization of global justice for Indonesian migrant workers and their families.

Element of “CARE” in the name of Migrant CARE is an acronym that has meaning; Counseling, Advocacy, Research & Education. This acronym become a basis of values for Migrant CARE’s commitment to outlining the program into; advocacy for government (national-international) policies, handling cases/legal aid, developing studies and information, as well as empowering migrant workers to build their capacity.

Taking case in Indonesia, migrant workers have a strategic position as their significant contribution of the remittances to the national budget revenue (APBN). In the other side, migrant worker’s governance that provided by the country is not settled yet to coverage the protections to migrant workers. Statistic of migrant workers placement from Indonesia showing that over than 60 per cent of Indonesian migrant workers are women and work as domestic workers.

The unsettled of migrant workers governance (as it aspect including policy and services, local to global) gave the impact to the hard situation of multi-dimensional problems facing by Indonesian migrant workers in their migration processes.


The strong movement of migrant workers as part of a social movement to realize global justice


  1. Promoting the life of Indonesian migrant workers and their families with dignity, respect by each nation and sovereign ideology, politics, economy, social and culture
  2. Strengthen the perspective of global justice
  3. Organizing and strengthening the critical awareness of migrant workers and their families about their rights as workers and as citizens
  4. Strengthen networks at various levels: local, national, regional and global for policy advocacy in favor of migrant workers and their implementation
  5. Carry out cases handling and legal assistance for migrant workers who experience injustice and torture or violence
  6. Strengthening the organizational and institutional capacity of Migrant CARE to improve performance and strive for sustainability (sustainability) in accordance with the established vision and mission

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