DESBUMI Pringgarata Promoting the Village Regulation

Ilustrasi Suasana Peresmian DESBUMI Pringgarata, Lombok Tengah

On Thursday, May 3, 2018, there was a launching event for Migrant Workers Care Village (DESBUMI) in Pringgarata Village, Pringgarata Sub-District, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Pringgarata Village is the village with the largest number of migrant workers in Indonesia. Based on the information shared by the Panca Karsa Association, up to 50 people make documents for going abroad in the village per day. Not only Pringgarata residents, but residents from other areas often come to make documents at Pringgarata Village. Since the existence of a Village Regulation that regulates the protection of Indonesian Workers in Pringgarata Village, document preparation has become tidier. Currently, only nine to ten documents are issued by the village each month and these documents are made only for destination countries that are permitted by the government.

The contribution of migrant workers to regional development was acknowledged by the Chairman of the Pringgarata Village Parliament, Mr. Aminrullah. In his speech, he said, villagers who feel stagnant in their area will move abroad. Many have returned home with success and economic progress for their families, which is a positive thing. “Migrant workers are very important for the village, so it is regulated in Regional Regulations and Village Regulations,” he said. But of course, he added, so it does not turn into a passive regulation, there needs to be synergy and special attention from all parties.

DESBUMI is here to provide a solution to community anxiety over the protection of themselves and their families who become migrant workers. Because they generally work abroad, people think that the problems that have happened to migrant workers so far are just small pebbles or bad luck. While in fact, the problems they face include problems during the pre-departure, departure, and return to their hometowns. Misinformation, document forgery and scamming brokers are common.

Panca Karsa Associtiaon visited Pringgarata Village for the first time in 2016. At that time, an understanding had been built between the Panca Karsa Association and village officials regarding the importance of promoting the protection of migrant workers through village policies.

Pengukuhan Pengurus DESBUMI Pringgarata oleh Sekretaris Desa2017 is a historic year in which Law Number 18 of 2017 concerning the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers was passed. In Pringgarata Village, 2017 was also a historic year where the Pringgarata Village Regulation Number 4 of 2017 concerning the Protection of Indonesian Workers in Pringgarata Village was passed. In this Village Regulation, the institutionalization of DESBUMI and the Migrant Workers Organization is mandated, which consists of ex-migrant workers and their families.

Foto Kader DESBUMI bersama perangkat desa, di sekretariat DESBUMI Pringgarata

The migrant worker community in Pringgarata Village holds regular meetings on the 20th of each month. In this meeting they did a lot of capacity building, such as training in making salted eggs, making rattan plates, and so on. With 33 members, DESBUMI Pringgarata and the Pringgarata Maju Group are expected to promote the Village Regulation for the Protection of Migrant Workers, so that no more migrant workers are deprived of their rights.

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