Documenting a Change


Indonesian migrant workers who have returned and choose not to work abroad anymore, try to be empowered by creating their own communities. Some of these communities are accompanied by several Migrant CARE Partners in several areas, namely the Social Analysist Research Institute (SARI) in Solo, Perkumpulan Panca Karsa (PPK) in West Lombok, Tanoker Ledokombo in Jember, and the Yayasan Kesehatan untuk Semua (YKS) in Lembata.

Currently, these local NGOs are working together with Migrant CARE to carry out various programs and activities aimed at empowering migrant workers. This program is implemented within the framework of the Local Initiative Development program to Ensure Guaranteed Protection for Female Migrant Workers who receive support from the MAMPU Program.

Communities that have been formed and are moving empower themselves as agents of change at the local level. Their activities are monitored to see very significant changes. These changes can occur within individuals or groups of people by agents of change. Therefore, memorable experiences of change are accommodated in a story.

The experience of a change agent who is in an NGO is presented in a story that will be accommodated in the database publication. The database can be accessed by a large audience via the MAMPU website. Various stories can be seen on the web, especially the experiences of women who have migrated and brought changes to themselves and their environment. Thus, the published stories really inspire women and motivate them to take even better actions.

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